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Half Marathon Pacers - Bus 21 KM

Sameer Devalekar - 01:50 Hrs

My Running journey started in Jan 2014 when a friend urged me to take up running to lose some weight.Since then running has kept on motivating me to take up fresh challenges every day. Last 5 and half years have been thoroughly enjoyable as I kept on discovering new running milestones. My first half marathon was a 2 hour 25 minute attempt at the Hiranandani thane HM in Feb 2014 and since then I have improved by best at Hiranandani to 1:43:29.

I have run close to 20 Half marathons, around 30 10 ks and 8 Full marathons. My 21k personal best is 1:42 and it would be a great privilege for me to help you beat the 1:50 minute mark. We will do it with simple gentle even splits to give you enough energy for a strong finish. Hope you achieve your personal best on this course.

Looking forward to you joining my Bus on 16th Feb.

Swaminathan Balakrishna - 2:00 Hrs

B Swaminathan is an alumnus of the Naval College of Engineering, INS Shivaji, Lonavla. Hailing from the 4th Naval Engineering Course, he was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 30th November 1991. He has served onboard various warships and shore establishments. Having won the prestigious “Sword of Honour '' during his Academy training, he has cultivated the habit of staying fit and healthy.

He is a keen sportsman and a passionate long-distance runner. He has run many marathons and ultramarathons. He has played a key role in organising the Western Naval Command Navy Half Marathon successfully at Mumbai since 2016. His motto in life is “Carpe Diem” meaning “Seize the Moment!”.

Vinay Bhushan - 2:00 Hrs

Basically first I'm a mountaineer then a runner. I started to take part in marathons. My journey as runner started from Nov 2016 approx three years before. I ran my first ultra in Feb 2017 50k at run the rann. For that Breeze sir motivate me and after one month in I ran my first 100k from Igatpuri to Thane and achieved third place.

I started running 21 km followed by an ultra marathon.

In my three years of running, I have done almost 20 in no 10k, 15 half marathons 4 full marathons and 20 ultra marathons including 50k to 100mile (161k) my toughest ultra was LA Ultra 111k at Leh. I completed many Pacing assignments. 10k or 21k.

My target is to do more trail ultra runs in India as well as internationally and improve my timing. In March 2020 I'm going to do my first international high eletitute race in Mt. Gouligong ultra China. This year my target is to do at list three international UTMB races and also 135miles (220k) I will do.

Atish Kumar Mali - 2:15 Hrs

In short I am a 9 to 6 working hours employee of a MNC corporation in accounts and taxation filed, I started my running journey from Dec 2017. Till now I have experienced 90+ running events (like Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon, Trail and many 5 km to 40 kms distance running).

A pacer I have done some running events and I feel a runner is making him, but as a pacer making many runners for them. I am really happy to know - you and I will be running together HTHM 2020 21Km 2.15 hr Bus and will make a new history with your PB.

Rohan Naik - 2:15 Hrs

I am a medical doctor whose passion is running and i love to encourage people about fitness. Running for me is not just a fitness routine but a stress buster. I believe in systematic training for enjoyable running.

10 k: 19 events PB:- 48 min 25 sec
21 K: 16 events PB:- 1 hr 49 min
42 k:- 5 events PB:- 4 hr 23 min
Ultras:- 7 events, including successful completion of Khardung la Challenge, 2019 at Ladakh

Jai Chatterjee - 2:30 Hrs

Jaj Chatterjee is a Technical Professional with 14+ experience in Media, Sports, Broadcast and Entertainment Industry. Jaj has worked with Zee News/Ent, Neo Sports,NewsX and Times Now to name a few. Jaj is an avid sports enthusiast and plays football, tennis and cricket. He has played cricket at district level. Currently represents the office team in football and cricket.

Jaj has been running for the last five years, and is an active member of the Mumbai Running Community. In the span of five years, he has completed more than 27 half marathons, 10K, 25K, 12 hrs team relay and 3 Full marathons.

Jaj is an Olympic Distance Triathlete and aspires to participate in 70.3/IM in near future. Jaj wants to try different places with challenging and scenic routes.

Kundalika River Marathon, Surat Night, Satara, Nasik, Goa River Marathon, Malvan, and most recently Leh ladakh marathon are some of the places run by him.

Jaj has prior Pacing experience in 10k and 21K and was an official pacer for some of the elite events till date.

Jaj is also an experienced pacer and has paced in the Goa River Marathon, SBI, GSC,IDBI, Tarblazer, Autism run etc.…

Running Quote:

Bhagte Raho Healthy Raho Khush Raho

Dinesh Laugani - 2:30 Hrs

Running since past 15 years
Has completed a full ironman At Malaysia
and completed a ironman 70.3 at Colombo
Has finished several 10 km runs and several half marathons and 9 full marathons
Is a passionate tennis player winning many trophies in singles and doubles in past few years and loves cycling , he has finished 2 BRM 200 km events

Dinesh has paced at almost every running event including mumbai marathon , satara , surat , goa , thane , etc

Join his bus to
Have Fun on the Run

Nikunj Desai - 2:45 Hrs

Nikunj Desai is a passionate cyclist and self-motivated runner who juggles with cycling and running apart from his corporate life and his art workshops.

He started running 3 years ago and has been regular since then with 28+ 10K runs, 8+ Half Marathons & 2 Ultra Marathons under his belt.

Nikunj's personal Best for Half Marathon is 2:03:12 (JHM), & Personal Best for 10KM is 59:26

He has successfully paced
2020- Powai Run
2019- Powai Run, Parinee JHM, Ocean 10K, Run to Thrive, Run for Peace, etc
2018 - Bhumi Run, KEM Marathon

In this pacing endeavor, his prime focus will be to motivate all the runners in the 2:45 Hrs bus to finish on time!

Sunil Gwalani - 3:00 Hrs

Sunil Gwalani (popularly know and Baba among his running friends) has been running since 2009. He started with a Half marathon in January 2009 in 2:32 and since then has run more than 65 timed races including 47 Half marathons (PB of 2:06), 10 full marathons (PB of 5:03), three Ultra marathons and a few 10 and 15 km races. He successfully completed a 50-km and 75-km run in Bangalore Ultra. He was a crew member cum pacer for a Danish runner at La Ultra (a 222-km single-stage race) in Ladakh and ran a total of 75-km to help his runner complete the gruelling race.

He is also a keen cyclist and have rode up to 150 km at a stretch. Sunil has been a pacer in close to a dozen races and has always brought his bus in time. Sunil enjoys reading, travelling, writing and acting in plays, photography and interacting with people. And, in order to do all this, works as a leadership and behavioural coach and trainer. His motto for running is simple, “Run only if you enjoy, or else.....".

Rupak Rathore - 2:45 Hrs

Runner Rupak Rathore is a HR professional and passionate about running since his college days without knowing the Marathon dynamics at that time. He stopped running in 1997 and restarted after moving to Mumbai from Indore in year 2014 with HTHM Green run (7KM), HTHM-2015 -10KM, HTHM 2016-21KM and in 2017 did his first full Marathon (SCMM). Now he is a regular runner and has completed many half and 3 full Marathons. As according to him, running is the only way to spend time with ourselves and it becomes way of life. Running not only keeps you physically fit but also makes you mentally strong. Running improves confidence and decision making in your personal and professional life.

He motivates many HR professionals for running and is a part of HR shapers (Non- profit HR organization) he is promoting running as a way of life. He is a Unity Ambassador for one of the running community for Thane and also pronounced as the Ambassador for the Rajkot Marathon as well as currently the motivator of the Run HR Run Marathon 2020. His son also Daksh started running and participated in 4-5 Km fun run in HTHM four times, he is just 12 years old and waiting to complete 13years of age so that he can participate in 10km Run. He is not only able to motivate his family for running but also regularly promotes running as a way of life in various forums, societies and is able to encourage many people for the same. His goal is to the daredevils penchant or taking it to next level i.e . Ultra Marathon of 50KMs and 100KMs and to earn him the sobriquet of the Marathon Man and to continue as pacer/ambassador for various Marathons.

P. Venkataraman - 3:00 Hrs

Mr. P. Venkatraman is a seasoned runner who has been running Half Marathons over many years. In fact, with a view to maintain physical fitness throughout the year, in the last three years he has been running the Half Marathon distance of 21 kms every single calendar month. He has run more than 155 Half Marathons so far. His personal best is the Oxford Half Marathon with a timing of 2:18. The Half Marathon distance is now something that he can run by design.

He is the founder of YouTooCanRun which is India’s only one-stop shop for everything in running. Set up as a social entrepreneurship, it has multiple offerings for all the stake holders in the ecosystem of running. He is India’s only RRCA ( Road Running Clubs of America ) certified Race Director and RRCA certified Level II Running Coach. He is also a certified course measurer and has measured more than 40 courses with a great deal of accuracy.

A CPR/AED certified professional, he is also an author of ‘Sofa to 5K’ a beginners handbook to take up running which has been translated into 4 Indian languages. A movitational speaker he is also the trainer of Zippers Club, a Cardiac Patients only running group and trains a group of about 18 post survery patients to run half marathons regularly.

He regularly logs all his runs using his Garmin Heart Rate Monitor and these can be viewed at He is considered as one of the pioneers of pacing in India and has been pacing events since pacing as a concept was introduced in the country. He has been a pacer in more than 40 Half Marathons so far and has also published a series of videos that is now considered the Bible for pacing in India.

He has successfully led his 3 hour 'Bus' adhering to the pacers credo of not more than a minute early, not a second late. He is a strong enthusiast for good healthy living and enjoys giving first time runners the thrill of successfully completing their first Half Marathon in 3 hours.

Praveen Kumar - 1:50 Hrs

Running since past 1 year
Has completed 7 half marathon and 2 Stadium run of 3 hrs
Has completed more than 20 – 10 Kms
Won trophies more than 10 events
Personal Best – 10k – 40 mins
21K – 1hr 39 mins

Praveen has successfully completed 2 half Marathon in 1 hr 45 mins bus.
Is a passionate traveller and trekking. Fitness lover

Oriston Vaz - 2:00 Hrs

A running enthusiast who believes that running is the easiest form of physical exercise. Calm, composed and a passionate runner who took up running to stay fit. For me running is a "Meditation in Motion" and an excellent means for all round self improvement. Started running 3 years ago from short distance running to long distance running. Running helped me to be more focussed Over the past 3 years successfully completed multiple 10 Kms and 21 Kms runs. In addition also completed TMM full marathon, Tata Ultra challenge and Durshet Forest Run. Professionally works for a leading IT company.

My focus on pacing 2.00 hrs bus is to help all my fellow runners to cross the finish line within their target time with ease. The joy of giving back to the running community is priceless. Till such time, train well, hydrate, take proper rest and Happy Running. Come join this bus !!

Vijaykumar Vemula - 2:15 Hrs

I have been running past 3 yrs. Have completed several 10KMs, HMs. Completed 2 Full Marathon at Hyderabad and TMM. Also done Tata Ultra Challenge and Durshet Forest run. Am very passionate for running and would like others to take up running. I have inspired many fellow runners to graduate from 10KM to HM to FM. Did unofficial pacing for many friends to achieve their PBs. This year would be my third year in HTHM. Last two year i achieved my PBs in 10KM and HM in HTML only, its my favourite event, as it is best organised and excellent running experience.

Would be pacing 2.15 hrs bus and would like many runners to finish and achieve their PB. Am sure it would be fun in joining my Bus.