Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Suresh Raman - 55 Min

Initially took up running with a motive of shedding the extra baggage of weight that i was carrying around but this soon became an important part of my daily routine as i started enjoying it. Training along with my mentor and brother K Haridasan Nair Sir owner of Runtastics Dilse group who helped me to pursue this further & identify my true potential.

Have done around a dozen Half marathons and almost equal numbers of ultra runs as I feel more than speed, endurance is what gives me the kick in performing well. My longest run being 144 Km in 24 Hours at IDBI Stadium Run Mumbai 2017.
My favourite lines are “The Body achieves what the mind believes”
Wish to now help runners achieve their personal best , so all those who wish to do join my bus
My personal best :-
10 KM : 51 Mins at Chembur Monsoon Run 2017.
21.09 KM : 1: 52 hrs IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon 2017.
42 KM : 4: 00 hrs at VVMM 2016.
100 KM : 13 : 19 hrs at Bangalore Ultra 2017.

Pratik Shetty - 60 Min

Pratik refers to himself as Happy Runner (on his social media profile) because he believes that running makes him happy. The redundant lifestyle of a desk job led him to start running as a hobby, one of the few sports which can be practiced individually. However, he soon realized that running is not an individual sport but a team sport.
During Dasera 2014, he went out for a small fun run of around 4kms mainly because Milind Soman was coming. He completed the run with a lot of walking but something hooked him to running. He hasn’t looked back yet having run his 5k a few weeks later (and earning his first medal) and then going to run 10ks, Half Marathons & even a Marathon. He has so far completed 16 10kms runs, 12 Half Marathons, a couple of 25km runs and 1 Marathon across various timed events. His personal best timing for the Half Marathon distance is 2:00:09 achieved in August 2017 and 52:18 mins for 10 kms achieved in November 2017.
Helping other runners achieve their goals makes him happy. So, he has been a pacer in several running events across Mumbai and it’s suburbs. He has been an official pacer at 11 running events in and around Mumbai so far.
Pratik has studied Chartered Accountancy and works in the accounts and finance department of Highway & Toll Management company in Mumbai for a living. He is currently training for Berlin Marathon in September 2018 for which he has registered.

Babloo Taarwale - 65 Min

Being an avid trekker fitness was always in my mind and wanted to try some other sports other than trekking and photography being my hobby. I ran 10 kms in Borivali National Park organised by BNP Green Runners and from there on running bug caught me in year 2014.
With proper guidance and training schedules under famous coaches of Mumbai I started running Half Marathons. I have successfully completed HM's in Ladakh, Satara, Bangalore, Surat and most favorite running destination amchi Mumbai with no injuries till date (touch wood).
Clocked my personal best recently at TMM 2018 HM with 2:13:14hrs.
Have been pacing few friends to achieve their target time in various 21K and 10K. events Was official pacer at Rotary Club Kandivali for 10k for 80 mins and bus come home comfortably in time.

Ashutosh Paretkar - 70 Min

Ashutosh got introduced to running about 4 years back and since then it has been a passion. He takes running as a source of his energy and relaxation. He regularly partiicipates in marathon events and has also tried his ‘feet’ with ultra runs.

Ashutosh is associated with Runtastic...dil se and had been running with some of the experienced runners under the guidance of K Haridasan Nair.

Saurabh Pandit - 75 Min

Mr. Saurabh Pandit is a Running enthusiast from Mumbai who has been into running since more than 3.5 years now. He has taken up running as a recreational sport and ensures that he makes the most of it every single time he hits the road. He has run 1 Full Marathon, around 18 Half Marathons and numerous 10kms runs till date.
1) 10kms Pacer - 80 min bus - Keep On Running (KOR) India - 25/06/2017
2) 10kms Pacer - 75 min bus - Texathon - 09/07/2017
3) 10kms Pacer - 80 min bus – Lightning Feet Juhu Runathon – 16/07/2017
4) 10kms Pacer – 80 min bus – Big Marathon 10k SGNP Monsoon Run – 16/09/2017
5) 21kms Pacer – 3 hour bus – Mastek Foundation Run – 05/11/2017
6) 10kms Pacer - 75 min bus - IFIN I Run for Fun - 12/11/2017
7) 21kms Pacer – Pinkathon 2017 Pacer – 17/12/2017
8) 10kms Pacer - 75 min bus – Corporate Run India – 24/12/2017
9) 10kms Pacer - 70 min bus – Navi Mumbai Let’s Run – 07/01/2018
10) 21kms Pacer – 3 hour bus – Tata Mumbai Marathon – 21/01/2018
11) 10kms Pacer - 70 min bus – Spirit of Sport 10.0 – 04/02/2018
12) 10kms Pacer - 75 min bus – Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon – 11/02/2018
For 10kms - Lokhandwala 10k Run on 6/11/16 - Timing: 00:59:51 (H: M: S)
For Half Marathon - WNC Navy Half Marathon on 19/11/17- Timing: 02:20:26 (H: M: S)
For Full Marathon - Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon on 10/12/17- Timing: 05:44:08 (H: M: S)
He firmly believes that any goal can be achieved once a fixed target is kept on mind. He is planning to target 2:15:00 for 21kms in near future and working harder to achieve it.
His main motive of pacing is to help maximum runners to achieve their personal best timings and get their desired smooth finish injury free run.

Dr. Madhura Kulkarni - 80 Min

Is Ayurvedic gynecologist, Yoga trainer, counsellor, by profession.
Passionate runner and campaigner since last 5 years.
Trained and nurtured under coaching of KHaridasan Nair sir, she has Participated in variety of runs like half marathons, Ultra-run, endurathon, Midnight run, 12hour run etc. has participated in more than 25 acreditated events.
SCMM, Thane mayor's run, Pinkathon, hiranandani Run Powai, HTMM, Satara-hill-run, Mumbai ultrarun, bangalore ultra runs are some of the prestigious ones.
Podium finisher in BNP2014 endurathon 25kms in her Age category.
Participated twice in prestigious Stadium Relay-Run.
Some of the feats achieved are Podium finisher in Bengaluru Ultra-marathon2016 in 75kms in open & age category.
Personal Best for half marathon is 2:04Hrs in Pinkathon March2017.
Personal best for 10kms run is 1:01Hrs. In HTMM2015.
Running for spreading message of *health & happiness for every woman* is her mission.


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