Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Unmesh Nair - 55 Min

Unmesh Nair is a half marathon runner now, but that wasn’t the case 2.5 years ago. Being a national level football player, importance of health and fitness was instilled in him. But due to personal and work commitments and time constraints football took a backseat, and lack of physical activity started affecting his mental and physical health.
Running seemed to be a good option. Initially running few kilometers was daunting, let alone running a half marathon.
Nonetheless, with consistent practice and discipline it was attainable. Running has become his way of life now.
In last 30 months, Unmesh has completed several 10km [PB - 50 minutes] and 21km [PB - 1:58 minutes] races.
He has also successfully paced several 10kms - 60 minute bus @ various events.
He will be pacing 10 kms - 55 mins bus. Focus will be to get the bus on time and ensure the runners on the bus are motivated to not drop midway.

Vinod Swami - 55 Min

Ex Serviceman (Ex Navy)
Now Marine Engineer (Larsen & Toubro).
Age 40
Started Running 5 years back after retirement from services to maintain same strength and to stay fit throughout the life. So far covered approx 7500 km run & approx 4000 cycling (Cycle to work) from last 4 months.
Full Marathon - 8
Half Marathon – 14
Best timings FM PB : 3:57:50 TMM 2019.
HM PB : 1:45:50, Navy Half Marathon 2018.
10km PB: 48:26 Min Palava Marathon 2018.
HTHM will be my third pacing event.
I Run with Music Box (Speakers ... Live Music).
Running strategy for HTHM 10K Pacing 5km @ 26 min & 10km @ 54

Pratik Shetty - 60 Min

Pratik refers to himself as Happy Runner (on his social media profile) because he believes that running makes him happy. The redundant lifestyle of a desk job led him to start running as a hobby, one of the few sports which can be practiced individually. However, he soon realized that running is not an individual sport but a team sport.
During Dussehra 2014, he went out for a small fun run of around 4 kms mainly because Milind Soman was coming. He completed the run with a lot of walking but something hooked him to running. He hasn’t looked back yet having run his 5k a few weeks later (and earning his first medal) and then going to run 10ks, Half Marathons & even Marathons. He has so far completed more than 40 timed events (including 3 Marathon distance). His personal best timing for the Half Marathon distance is 1:58:10 achieved in December 2018 and 52:18 mins for 10 kms achieved in November 2018.
Helping other runners achieve their goals makes him happy. So, he has been a pacer in several running events across Mumbai and its suburbs. He has been an official pacer at 15 running events in and around Mumbai so far.
Pratik has studied Chartered Accountancy and works in the accounts and finance department of Highway & Toll Management Company in Mumbai for a living.

Devendra Mane - 65 Min

Devendra has worked with the companies like Adventity, Sterling Info systems, White crow research, LICHFL financial services ltd. Currently working with Willis Towers Watson as an HR.
He has been a sprinter and fitness enthusiast since his school days, he loves playing football, cricket & badminton. Since 4 years he is into long distance running, he has done several half marathons & 10 km run. In the last one year Vijeth has taken up various pacing assignments and got the bus home on time.
He love to run and running can also be called as meditation in motion. He holds personal records of 10k – 54.32 min & half marathon in 2:07 mins.

Dhwani Punjabi - 65 Min

Mrs. Dhwani Punjabi, 34 years old started running marathons in March 2017 and since then in her running journey she has completed 3 Half Marathons and 30 10k runs. She is not only a consistent pace runner but also a podium finisher in many 10k runs conducted across Mumbai in the past 2 years. 59.45 minutes is her personal best for a 10k run.Over the past few months, she has paced various Marathon runs across Mumbai and Thane including the prestigious Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019.
Dhwani's running journey started after the delivery of her 2nd Kid in 2016. Initially intended just to lose some weight and get back to her casual jogging gradually matured her into a marathon runner. Despite being a mother of 2 kids, her commitment and dedication towards running has been no less. Running has not only revived her memories of school sports participations but also has ignited a hidden passion for it. She strongly believes that running had made her more focused and healthier, both physically and mentally.
Professionally, Dhwani is a Director of "Ace Heart Clinic", a cardiology specialty center in the western suburbs. Academically, Dhwani holds a MBA degree in healthcare in addition to a masters degree in Commerce.
To celebrate her joy of running, Dhwani decided to translate and spread her cause of running to others. Pacing for marathons accomplishes her desire to run for self as well as for others.

Babloo Tarwale - 70 Min

Being an avid trekker fitness was always in Babloo’s mind and wanted to try some other sports other than trekking and photography being his hobby. He ran 10 kms in Borivali National Park organized by BNP Green Runners and from there on running bug caught him in year 2014.
With proper guidance and training schedules under famous coaches of Mumbai he started running Half Marathons. He has successfully completed HM's in Ladakh, Satara, Bangalore, Surat and most favorite running destination amchi Mumbai.
Recently completed a comfortable Half marathon at TMM 2019 with 2:14:29 hrs. He has been pacing few friends to achieve their target time in various 21K and 10K events. He was official pacer for few events like HTHM ’18, Rotary Club Kandivali '18 and bus came home comfortably in time as per organizers pacing standards.

Rupak Rathore - 70 Min

Runner Rupak Rathore is a HR professional and passionate about running since his college days without knowing the Marathon dynamics at that time. He stopped running in 1997 and restarted after moving to Mumbai from Indore in year 2014 with HTHM Green run (7KM), HTHM-2015 -10KM, HTHM 2016-21KM and in 2017 did his first full Marathon (SCMM). Now he is a regular runner and completed many half and 2 full Marathon. As per him running is the only way to spend time with ourselves and this becomes way of life. Running not only keep you physically fit but also makes you mentally strong. Running improves confidence and decision making in your personal and professional life.
He is able to motivate many HR professionals for running and part of HR shapers (Non- profit HR organization) he is promoting running as way of life. He is Unity Ambassador for one of the running community for Thane. His son Daksh started running and participated in 4-5 Km fun run thrice, he is just 12 years and waiting to complete 13 years of age so that he can participate in 10km Run. He is not only able to motivate his family for running but also regularly promoting running as a way of life in various forums, societies and able to encourage many people for running. His goal is to the daredevils penchant or taking it to next level i.e . Ultra Marathon of 50 KMs and 100KMs and to earned him the sobriquet of the Marathon Man and to become pacer/ambassador for various Marathons.

Nisha Gurbani - 75 Min

Nisha Gurbani started running Started in November 2017. She works for an Advertising Agency as a Media Head. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher & ACSM Certified Nutritionist.
Her first 10K Marathon run was in 77 Mins.
PB in 10K – 69 Mins
PB in HM – 2.36 Hrs.
No. of Races
1. NEB Stadium 2 Hours Relay Run – 18 Kms
2. 6 hours Pinkathon – 39 Kms
3. 12 Hours Mumbai Ultra – 51 Kms
4. 100 Days Running Challenge 2018 – 631 Kms
5. 12 10 KM
6. 3 Half Marathons
a. Satara Hill Half Marathon 02:56:00 hh:mm
b. Vasai Virar Mayor Marathon - 02:36:00 hh:mm
c. Tata Mumbai Marathon - 02:43:00 hh:mm
Her Pacing Experience
1. 75 Mins Pacer in Sheth Eye Run in Mulund - 26th August 18.
2. 80 Mins Pacer in NM Lets Run in Navi Mumbai. 2nd December 18.
3. 75 Mins Pacer in Run for Flamingos in Navi Mumbai- 3rd Feb 19.
4. 80 Mins Pacer in Tridhaatu - Navi Mumbai Half Marathon in Navi Mumbai- 10th Feb 19.
5. 75 Mins Pacer in Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon in Thane- 17th Feb 19.

She believes in two quotes

  • The voice inside your head that says, you can't is a LIAR !!!

Saurabh Pandit - 75 Min

Saurabh is a running enthusiast from Mumbai who holds an experience of running over 5 years.
He underwent a complete physical and lifestyle change by coming out of the sedentary lifestyle by taking up running as a passionate sport.
Running is a form of recreational sport which occupies his heart and mind.
He has a wide experience of being an official Pacer for over 30 timed events in Mumbai till date.
He believes that achieving PH "Personal Happiness" by running for others is as good as celebrating his own PB "Personal Best"!
Pacing helps him to build his endurance for long distance running.
Saurabh's Personal Best (PB)

  • 10kms - 00:59:51
  • Half Marathon - 02:20:26
  • Full Marathon - 05:44:08
Saurabh's Running Summary:
  • 47 - 10 km timed events
  • 26 - Half Marathons
  • 01 - Full Marathon
  • 02 - 6 hour midnight run
  • 02 - 12 hour relay run
  • 04 - 12 hour Mumbai Ultra
  • 04 - 100 days of Running challenge
Saurabh shares his running thought: "Chase your dreams until they turn into reality!" HTHM is close to Saurabh’s heart as this is the place where He ran his first ever Half Marathon!
One can vouch to join his Pacer bus as He has already paced HTHM last year (2018 edition) for 10km 75 minutes by bringing his bus home safely in 01:14:51!
Join our Pacer Saurabh and He will make sure you complete your 10kms within 75 minutes on 10th February HTHM 2019!

Pawan Banavalikar - 80 Min

Pavan Suresh Banavalikar works for Johnson and Johnson India Pvt Ltd. as a Key Account Manager In Vision care Division ( Acuvue Contact Lenses )
He is very much fond of burning calories and getting indulge in Gym and Running to do so and having some good food at right time.
He started running since he was a Toddler took it seriously from 2018 since then he has participated in 7 10K runs and 2 5K runs.
He believes that Running in Marathon (long distance) is more of a mind game, you train your mind and your body will start syncing!!!
What motivates him while running is when he see Someone older than him is already ahead of him.
Other than running he is fond of playing RPG (Role Playing Games) on PlayStation.
His personal best for 10K is 73 minutes.
He has been a Pacer for 80 minutes Bus in 10K Hiranandani Powai Marathon 2019.


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