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Green Run Pacers - Bus 10 KM

Nilesh Yadav - 60 Min

Nilesh Yadav aka Nosy Neil is an amateur runner and running since 2016. He started with a 10 kms run (1.18 mins) and till now covered appx 13 timed 10 kms running events with PB of 00:47:54 mins (Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2019). 7 HM with PB 01:48:36, 5 FM with PB 04:00:00 and 6 Ultra running distance with PB of 84 kms in 12 hrs. Since 2018 he's pacing girls from Pinkathon group to achieve their dreams of cross country runs (Pune to Mumbai).

Nilesh enjoys running, cycling, trekking and talking to people. He works with TCS and has helped co-workers to maintain their work life balance. His 2 cents on running is "RUN AS IF YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS RUNNING AHEAD AND WIFE IS RUNNING BEHIND YOU."

Vidyanand Jha - 60 Min

A college student by profession and Marathon and Ultra Runner By Passion. I started my running career on 7th jan 2018 @ mira bhayander 5k fun run 2018. And from that day running has just become an addiction for me. And from that point of time to today I have run 40, 10km events, 3 half marathons is hiranandani powai half marathon, hiranandani thane half marathon, mumbai half marathon, 4 Ultra event.

I did a pacing in 24 marathons in various categories.

Kiran Chavan - 70 Min

I am Kiran Chavan Manager - Distribution Planning at CEAT LTD by profession and has been running marathons since the past 2 years.

I was completed more than 40 marathons/Ultra with personal best of 58 Min in 10 KM & 2.20 Is 21 KM

Sagar Bakshi - 80 Min

Have been running for 5 + years now and completed :
4 Full Marathons;
35+ Half Marathons;
2 12 hour solo stadium runs in 2018 & 2019;
Ran and paced several 10k events.

Professionally a Lawyer for 12 years on the Finance side.

Raju Verma - 80 Min

This is Raju Verma, 46 years old, completed 47 half marathons across the country & countless 10 Km over the last 5 years I am a goal driven Security Professional presently working in Mahanagar Gas Ltd (Security & Vigilance). I began my journey as a state level athlete during schooling and represented various football clubs at National level. In the year 1987 I was accredited with the President award in Scout.

As an athlete, running is my passion and fitness is the activity of my choice. Long distance running started for me with a half marathon in 2013. My personal best for the 10 Km marathon is 00:59:12 – in WNC Navy Half Marathon-2016. I love being a pacer and like to motivate people to achieve their dream. I believe that the joy of running for others is much more than running for a PB.

Anurag Gupta - 80 Min

I have had a fairly successful corporate career. However in the proverbial corporate rat race , I neglected my health somewhere along the way and was diagnosed with diabetes ( PP- 387 ) in 2003. Next 6 years saw me visit numerous doctors but to no avail. In 2009, things took turn for worse, health related complications lead to a situation wherein hospital became like a second home for me. Weighing 100 kgs, severely diabetic and Asthmatic, I took a call, that if I have to die, I will die fighting rather than meekly surrendering.

I decided to take up running as a sport to meet that objective. I started by taking long walks and still remember my first run was a mere 400 meters. My better half Malati, transformed herself into a runner just to give me company.

Rest is history. Since 2014, I am totally off all medication, winning my battle against deadly killer diabetes. At Present, My sugar levels are at normal -72 level and weigh 25 kg below my peak weight.

Icing on the cake has been numerous running friends, podiums and recognition as being one of ‘Best Running Family’ in Mumbai for year 2016 and 2018 by Mumbai Road Runners something we had not bargained for when we embarked upon our running journey a decade back.

Palak Vora - 90 Min

I have been Athletics since childhood but due to family priorities was out of touch for two decades, and started running since year now.

Did many big events like Stadium Run, Navy Run, IDBI Run, Vasai Virar, Tata Mumbai Marathon.

My PB is 59.54 of 10Km and 30 mins of 5 KM.

Won State Level Tournaments of Master Athletics events held in Mumbai on 17 to 19th Nov 2019 2 Silver and 2 Bronze.

Going for National Level Next month.

Rashmi Rathore - 90 Min

Ms Rashmi Rathore is a VEDIC MATHS and ABACUS teacher by profession, running was never her choice but she was a state-level basketball player during her school days. She is inspired by her husband. Her husband used to push her for running but she never used to go for running. But again her husband started pushing her at least for a walk. She developed regular walking initially and then started running small distances. She got many benefits of running such as weight reduction, increase in energy level and happiness. There are four hormones which are responsible for overall happiness and these hormones are released with the help of Running.

1. Endorphins- 30 Minutes Running helps in releasing Endorphin
2. Dopamine-Running helps you getting appreciated by many and because of appreciation there is a release of Dopamine
3. Serotonin- spreading good health and happiness to society is an act of giving back to society, which also helps to release Serotonin
4. Oxytocin-Running helps in socializing and also promoting good health through running A hug from family and friends which exudes Oxytocin. Rashmi aims to give back to society and nature by promoting running for everyone and she would like to be a Pacer / Ambassador for upcoming Marathons

Babloo Tarwale - 65 Min

Being an avid trekker fitness was always in my mind and wanted to try some other sports other than trekking and photography being my hobby. I ran 10 kms in Borivali National Park organized by BNP Green Runners and from there on running bug caught me in year 2014.

With proper guidance and training schedules under famous coaches of Mumbai I started running Half Marathons. I have successfully completed HM's in Ladakh, Satara, Bangalore, Surat and most favorite running destination amchi Mumbai.

At TMM 2020 obtained a Marathoners designation towards my first FM with 5:29:04 hrs.

Have been pacing few friends to achieve their target time in various 21K and 10K events. My Personal best HM was in VVMM’19 at 2:00:05 hrs.

Have been official pacers for large events such as Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon, Mumbai Suburban Half Marathon, Rotary Club of Kandivali, etc in 10K categories (65 / 70 mins) and bus came home on time as per organizers pacing standards.