Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Hitesh Mehta - 2:00 Hrs

Mr. Hitesh Mehta, passionate runner and fitness enthusiast who was never into sports till he was reaching age of 35. It was in 2016 he participated at running event at his son’s school annual day, where he achieved 5th position in overall male category. Before that he was never having run over a km since and surprisingly makes a good run, inspired him and the day itself he decided to run regularly. Puma Urban Stampede was then his first ever timed road race. So far, he ran more than 30 of 10K and 25 of Half Marathon and 2 Full Marathon races till date. His personal best for 10K is 47:14, 21K is 1:42:49 and 42K is 4:22:28. Mumbai Road Runners has awarded him as Best Debutant Runner award in 2016 & Most Popular Running Family award for 2017.
Running for him is where there are no boundaries or limits, but it is competition only with self. You can literally run anywhere and everywhere. Running may be an indication your fitness goals are on track or are in need of redirection.
Apart from running Hitesh do enjoys reading books, driving and playing badminton. He is also interested on trekking, hiking and other adventurous activities.
Being a Pacer, he has successfully paced 2hr Bus (21K) & 55 mins Bus (10K) in various running events including VVMM, SBI Green Marathon, Mastek, DTHM, IIT Bombay etc. Hitesh says “My focus in pacing is to help all my fellow runners to cross the finish line within their target time at ease. Till the time train well, hydrate, take proper rest and Happy Running!”

Shailesh Karkera - 2:00 Hrs

Shailesh has always been involved in some or the other sporting activity since his childhood. However, running as a sport, came into the forefront over the last 5 years. His first run was the Thane Hiranandani way back in 2014 and there was no looking back since then. He has completed quite a few Half Marathons, 10 Full Marathons across India and has also completed the prestigious Comrades run South Africa in 2018.
He is an avid reader on the technical aspects of running and has been reading through various articles to fine tune his own style. Running on different and difficult terrains gives him huge satisfaction as he believes in enjoying nature. His favourite time to run is under the moonlit sky with no street light and soaking in the myriad beauty of nature.

Preeti Lala - 2:15 Hrs

Preeti started running 5 years ago at the age of 37 years with her debut run of 6 km in Pinkathon-Thane. Initially she started running to stay fit and healthy which very soon got converted into passion for long runs.
She has completed 9 (10 km run) with PB 00:48:27, 28 (21 km Half Marathon) with PB of 01:45:53, 9 (42 km Full Marathon) with PB of 03:50:14, 1 (50 km run) and 1 (54 km run). Apart from these, 12 hr. stadium run in Mumbai (89.20 km) & Hyderabad (91.20 km) in 2017. In 2018, 24 hrs. Mumbai Stadium run clocking 147.20 km.
In Sep-18 successfully completed one of the highest Ultra Marathon Khardung la Challenge 72 km in 13:15:00. Recently, in the span of the last 40 days in Dec 18 -Jan 19, she complete 3 Full Marathons (Vasai virar, Vadodara International & TMM) and in all Full Marathons cases her timing was under 4 hours with her PB in Vadodara International Marathon of 03:50:14.
She has achieved podium in many marathons. To stay fit and healthy regularly practices Yoga & Pranayama. Sundays she goes for long run.
Apart from running Preeti also teaches Social Science for the ninth & tenth standards and is a Yoga Instructor herself.

Vikesh Sharma - 2:15 Hrs

Vikesh Sharma, 34, is fitness enthusiast, sportsman, advanced Open Water diver and an adventure seeker. He is also a social entrepreneur trying to make a mark in Clean Energy and Affordable housing space. Started running long distances in 2007 and has been regular since then. Apart from that Vikesh has also finished IRONMAN 70.3 last year in Canada with a time of 7:46 hrs. He is a firm believer that life is like a marathon. You have to plan, practice, strategize and keep pushing no matter the pain to achieve success. Because in the end it all makes sense.
You can reach Vikesh by writing to him on Vikesh.sharma@gmail.com

Vikas Sharma - 2:30 Hrs

Vikas Sharma age 43, belongs to a family of army man, Worked for Pharmaceutical Industry for 17 years and currently working as CEO With PROXIMA LIFE LLP in Sports, Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy for more than 4 years. Started running in 2014. Running and fitness workout was never a priority because of busy work schedule but 2014 with an accidental reason at JNM QUALIFIER ran first 5km without any practice. From than onwards running became the part of life, did so many 10k and half Marathons, Full Marathons to name few
Full Marathon - TATA MUMBAI MARATHON 2018, 2019
MUMBAI ULTRA 12 Hour Run - 2016, 2017, 2018
RUNTASTIC NIGHT RUN (6Hrs) 2017, 2018
BNP ULTRA 25K - 2017, 2018
Half Marathons - SCMM 2016, 2017
Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon 2015, 2016, 2017
Satara Hill Marathon-2016, 2017, 2018
HTHM 2016, 2017
DWARKA Half Marathon
IDBI MUMBAI Half Marathon 2016, 2017, 2018
JNM Half Marathon 2018
THIRUMALA MARATHON -2016, 2017, 2018
YEOUR HILL RUN -2016, 2017, 2018 etc.
10k- HTHM 2017
JNM Qualifier 2015, 2016, 2017
Monsoon 10k
ILFS RUN 2015, 2016
Adidas Uprising 2015, 2016
Mirchi NEON RUN 2016,2017
Lions Mulund run
Recently Done DELHI to MUMBAI Run (14 Days 14 Marathons) part of India leg of 100 Day 100 Marathon 1 Reason.
Addition to running, loves to explore new advancement in sports community and launching brands those are innovative and first time in India
Favourite Quote-“Change is inevitable. Progression is a choice.”

Dinesh Hande - 2:30 Hrs

An Engineer by Profession and an Athlete with passion for Running, Trekking, Reading, Music and Globe Trotting, Dinesh completed about a Couple Dozen Half Marathons and equal number of 10Ks ever since he took up long distance running about 4 years back. He has Successful Experiences of Pacing in several HMs and 10KMs, including the recently concluded TMM - 2019.
Dinesh would like to urge fellow Citizens and Professionals – No matter how busy schedules and work pressures you may have, you would definitely find time for the Fitness and what could be the better way to achieve it than “Running” that costs hardly anything and translates into visible Fitness Levels in rather short time without exposing you to the risks of Injuries and Accidents. Besides, it also works wonders for your ‘Social Well-Being’ with you making friends with numerous like minded and enthusiast folks. Initially, you may find it rather tiring and a little lethargic to get up in the morning and put on your running shoes but once you start feeling within the Adrenaline Rush and the Ecstasy thereof, you would wonder why didn’t you take up to this long before! It’s then only a matter of little time before you make your Running as a Lifetime Sport! And soon you too would start saying and living by the Quote “I don’t run to Add Days to my Life, I run to Add Life to my Days!”
Why Dinesh Chose to be a Pacer this time rather than attempting his own personal Best – Pacers are role Models. Whenever a runner is about to give up, a pacer would push them, would guide them, be there for them, for them to be able to push further and push beyond their limits. In a Context of his Engineering Profession, this is exactly Dinesh enjoys doing in his Professional Life working with a Multinational Engineering and Construction Firm. Often, running is a mental challenge more than a physical one. More than crossing the finish line, pacers get a different kind of rush in being able to help other runners. Being a pacer means being able to give back to the running community. Sometimes the runners – especially the new enthusiasts - just need a little bit of push to exceed themselves. This is what Dinesh will be there for.
Dinesh is pacing the 2:30 bus for HTHM-2019. If your previous HM PBs hover around 2 hours 45 minutes, you are welcome aboard the 02:30 bus.

Vivek Soni - 2:45 Hrs

Vivek Soni’s running journey started in 2011 & has been actively running Marathons since then.
Apart from being a runner, he is also a ACSM Certified Marathon Coach.
Has run 6 full marathons, 4 times 12 hrs Mumbai Ultra, 1 time 12 hour stadium run & many HMs & 10 Ks.
Has done many successful pacings since 2013 in HMs
Including Satara, HTHM, Navi Mumbai, PKDM, SBI, Tarblazer, IDBI & many 10K events. Here he is in #HiranandaniThaneHalfMarathon 2019 to ferry you home safely for your 21.095 KMs in perfect 2 : 45 hrs.

Harpal Abbott - 2:45 Hrs

Harpal Singh Abbott, an experienced and strong runner, motivating and inspiring pacer, as our pacer for the 21 k 2:45 min bus.
Here’s his running journey in his own words
As a Sales & Marketing professional, I have always been working in a demanding and stressful environment and a sedentary lifestyle is routine for me. Fitness meant going for morning walks sometimes as time permitted.
Running happened to me as a compulsion when my weight crossed 85 kgs. What started as walking soon turned to running and then competitive events. Since then there has been no looking back.
Running has now become an integral part of my life.
Running has helped me manage day to day stress.
Running has brought a lot of discipline in my life. I have become conscious about my food choices; sleep pattern, late nights and socializing.
I have run for over 40 competitive events and have paced at many reputed events and enjoyed every bit of it. It's my way of giving back to the running community.

Gaurav Bhardwaj - 3:00 Hrs

Gaurav Bhardwaj started running in 2013 to burn the fats that he gained after quitting the Football Team during college days.
Participated in timed runs from 2014 and got addicted to running Half Marathons, 10ks and other distances.
Also, he loves clicking the moments when we run so he is also known as a Running Clicker So far he has completed 5 timed Marathons, 31 timed Half Marathons and several timed and non timed 10ks.
He enjoys running and always aim to finish strong to stay fit and healthy. He doesn't run to better his timings (thats an automatic side effect if u train & run well) but those who targets time, He’s ready to pace them and have officially paced in the past for distances like 25k, 21k and 10k and also won the 1st runner up award for The Most Valued Pacer, 2017 by Mumbai Road Runners.
Gaurav Bhardwaj is ready to pace again for 3hrs HM bus on 10th February, 2019 at HTHM. This is the event where he started as a Runner with a 3hrs bus and now got an opportunity to pace the 3hrs bus for the 2nd time in this event.

Vidya Dsouza - 3:00 Hrs

Vidya D’souza’s Running Experience
10k Runs 32 (PB 63.18min)
21k Runs 14 (PB 2.36hrs
42k Runs 03 (PB 6.21hrs)
Ultras 7, 2 100km, 1 80km, 1 65km, 2 stadium runs, one 100 Miles run in Spirit Of Pinkathon Mumbai 2 Pune in Navuvari saree And pacing in major events
Customs Marathon - 10km in 80min
Sai celebration Run - 15km in 2.15hrs
SBI green Marathon -10km in 80min
Navi Mumbai Marathon - 10km 80min
ICT marathon - 10km in 80 min
Run4 Diversity - 10km in 75 min
Decathlon Thane half Marathon - 21km 3hr bus


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